Bushcraft expert Ray Mears has pledged his support to the GWCT campaign that aims to improve awareness and understanding of how the countryside works.

Mears was so taken with our book, The Knowledge: Every Gun’s Guide to Conservation, that he offered to write a foreword to the newly-revised edition.

The book, launched in June 2018, aims to increase the understanding of shoot conservation and to raise standards by ensuring those who take part in fieldsports are aware of their legal and ethical obligations.

It is aimed at those who take part in shooting, whether they’re a seasoned shot or new to the sport and is equally of value to conservationists or people keen to learn more about how the British countryside is managed.

With over 35 years’ experience in educating the public about man’s relationship with the natural environment, Mears understands the importance of knowledge in the countryside.

“There are always new things to learn, both for beginners and ‘old hands’.  That knowledge is key to valuing and respecting our natural environment and nurturing greater biodiversity and species abundance within it,” he said.

The 200-page book draws on more than 150 scientific publications to provide a detailed introduction to the principal quarry species, management of habitat and predators and the law relating to a shoot day. It includes information on the use of lead shot, medication in game rearing, health and safety, game handling and security. Sales have been strong, with over 1,500 copies already sold, prompting the latest edition.

The book is part of a wider campaign run by the GWCT, which includes on-site visits from their advisory department, training courses and the Accredited Game Shot assessment, which allows participants to demonstrate their understanding of best practice and conservation measures.

James Swyer, GWCT publications manager, said: “I’m delighted to have Ray’s support for this book. His understanding of our managed landscape has shown the British public just how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy it. It’s essential that we do so wisely.”

The book, costing £15.95, is available to order here.