“I started reading The Knowledge at work at half eight in the morning and didn’t put it down until lunchtime. In some ways I got very little done that day but I learnt a huge amount. It is an indispensable read for anyone involved in shooting today.”
Patrick Galbraith – Editor, Shooting Times Magazine

“I would give this book to every person that wants to start game shooting. I would also put it in the Christmas stocking of everybody that already shoots. I learned a lot from reading it. Most Guns will do the same.”
Professor Simon Denny, Executive Dean of Research, Impact & Enterprise, University of Northampton

“A really good book. A must read for everyone, but especially anyone who shoots game and particularly new guns, to ensure they understand the conservation benefits of shooting. My copy will certainly be on display and available for all the guns to read this coming season! Thank you GWCT, the work you do is brilliant!”
Ms. M – GWCT Member

“A very interesting and useful book. I’d recommend it without hesitation to anybody interested in conservation, shooting or the great British countryside in general.”
Mr. N – GWCT Member

“I bought this for my daughter who is a gamekeeping student at Newton Rigg college. It covers so much of the course material that I’m sure it will be recommended reading in future. And of course I have read it cover to cover before handing it over.”
Mr. T – GWCT Customer

“Excellent publication, clear plain English giving all involved in shooting much science backed knowledge to support our sport. Great work GWCT.”
Mr. G – GWCT Member

“Very informative and nicely set out. A must for all guns. Thank you.”
Mr. S – GWCT Member

“This book is attractively produced with good layout and illustrations and is reasonably priced for its size and amount of content.”
Mark Avery – Former RSPB Director of Conservation

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Whether you’re new to shooting, a seasoned gun or just keen to learn more about the way the British countryside is managed, The Knowledge is for you.

At over 200 pages long, The Knowledge draws on over 150 scientific publications to provide you with a robust introduction into quarry species, the management of both habitat and predators and all the latest issues surrounding shooting and conservation. You will also learn key information about a typical day’s shooting – from important health & safety tips to guidance on game handling and security. Available for just £15.95.

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